Thursday, June 27, 2013

Staying Motivated...Hard to do at times!

Today I was going to talk about staying motivated and how it's easy to lose motivation...Hey I've gone thru it myself a lot, like when I did this weight loss before in 2009 I was 226lbs then dropped to 186lbs, then the next thing I knew I didn't care about working out anymore because I felt I needed a break, and I reached my goal, and so the scale didn't care either, every time I got on it, it just kept going right back up! So I would always accuse it of being broke...DENIAL!

~Motivation 101~ Keep in mind this is just my thoughts, so feel free to share yours. I might can steal use them!(;

I've found the best way to deal with motivation is to find fun ways to change your workout and try new things, doing the same routine daily becomes so boring and that makes it super easy to grow tired of what you do. Change your workouts, also a great way to break plateaus!

At times people lose motivation after they've lost a good amount of weight or reached their weight loss goal...I can see how that happens, I mean hey you worked hard to get to this point, you sacrificed your foods, time, and in some cases money to get to where you are. I'm here to tell ya...the work is never over, but you can enjoy the newer you, since you worked hard! Being healthy doesn't ever take a break, so keep going. "It's a life style change"

Try and find a friend that can workout with you or maybe that person has something that they are doing far as a workout, that you haven't tried, and there you go something different to do. Working out with a friend(s) is always so much fun...y'all know I love my girls!! My team of Motivation and Inspiration!

If you workout a lot at me....sometimes it can grow old, so go outside for a run with the kiddos in the yard, instead of popping in a DVD, roll on the floor with your kids, or just go visit a friend or family member...just to change the scenario. Get out the house for god sakes!!

Food food food...Oh how we love you...but making the right choices with you is hard!! Then the sky opened and dropped Pinterest on my plate. I must say this is my favorite place to get recipes. If you haven't used are soooo out of sink with the world lol. It's so easy, all you do is type in what you want for dinner for instance...I.E. Chicken.....Boo-Yah...bunch of recipes pop can have chicken for 365 days and it'll be different every night!! Go to websites and find different ways to make your fav things, but in a healthier way! Trust me it's all there!

Facebook...oddly enough it can be used for other know??, other then drama...FB is a perfect place to interact with others and sometimes you can find camps or groups of people that may have a workout or a fit challenge in your community and you didn't even know it!!! Just search and find and ask around and you'll be surprised what you'll discover.

If you are a runner...try and keep your music playlist fresh, if you have fresh music you can run all day! Keep it fresh and funky! ( posted this pic yesterday..but here is what I use in case ya missed it) Fit radio and AOL radio

Then lastly, just enjoy yourself and know that no one is perfect and there are days that everyone struggles, you just have to find whatever it is in you that you can use to keep yourself going...Like for me I work out because I want to be healthy but most importantly I have a handsome baby boy that I want to live for and teach him the same good find your inter-motivation, whether it's posting 5000 selfies a day for people to say you look hot (NO one in particular lol), then I say do it, if that's what keeps you going, I'm not judgemental... so whatever floats your boat, some people need that type of motivation...Hey, whatever it is that works for your individual self use that when you don't feel like working out anymore or you just can't keep going! I promise it works!

Have a happy Thursday!