Monday, June 17, 2013

My Trip!!! Sad it's over sooo fast

We had a GREAT trip...even tho we lost my granddad, we still made the best out of it! It was nice to see my parents and siblings after that loooong ass year! It was worth it seeing their face after my weight loss!! They were very happy for me!!!

We arrived Friday night after a long drive!!! It was worth seeing that Louisiana sign!!!
                                                     We had some nice family time in the French Quarter!

Made some AWESOME FOOD!!!! Jambalaya! and I did get to make the Alfredo that I posted last week!!! Friday's Blog!! It turned out great!!! As you can see, it wasn't much left!!!

 Then Bran wanted to go sit outside!! Love this pic of him!!!

Then my GIRLS sent me a pic!! They knew I was missing them a lot!!!

We had to hit up Cafe Du Monde with my mom and sis for my last night in the BOOT!!

Saturday we buried my grandfather ): It was a beautiful homegoing service!!!

We had an amazing time! Hope each dad, granddad, and even the single mama's had an amazing FATHER'S DAY!!!!! God Bless!!!