Monday, June 10, 2013

~~My Louisiana Weekend~~

So as most of you known I'm in Louisiana visiting my family, and starting to help make arrangements for my grandfather's funeral!!

So Friday me and my boys traveled to Alexandria, La to meet my parents!!!

We Finally made it!!!

Saturday, my parents and siblings spent the day in New Orleans together and had the best time ever!!!

If you have never been to New Orleans and the French Quarter, this is just a normal day! lol

This man was a "street statue" and he was standing posing with his middle  finger! lol

Me and my baby sister!
So after our stroll thru the French Quarter, we stopped by this AMAZING place called "The Joint" they have the best BBQ ever, plus at that point we were starving!!!!
We were standing outside till our food was done, just so happened there was a double murder that happened about 10 mins before we got there, it was on the next street over, so we were talking to some people and they were telling us about it. <cra cra, right? That's the N.O. for you>

My brother and my baby, were fascinated by the juke box in the restaurant!

Got back home and we were super lazy!!!!
Both of my brothers being silly!
Then Sunday I worked out and we all stayed in our pjs and reminisced on old times!!! Those are the best when we all get together and do that, because everyones version on stories are ALL different!! lol!!
My dad spending time with his boys!!

Brian and Brandon flipped the whole day, we were just tired looking at them! Kids need to put their energy in a jar and give us some!
We are having a great time so far, so all week I'll be blogging about my trip and keep you updated! We all miss our grandfather/dad Mr. Charles Earl, but we are smiling, and enjoying one another because that's just what he would want us to do!! He was the GREATEST!! I miss him sooooooo much!!!!