Monday, June 24, 2013

It was an amazing SURPRISE weekend!! I can FINALLY shout about it!!! It's been so hard not writing about this!!

Today's blog is about LeAnn and her Bday weekend!!

OMG can you believe we finally pulled off the SURPRISE party? Lord, that was so hard keeping a secret like that from her! lol Can't count how many times she's walked up on us talking about it, and we had to pretend we were talking about whatever lie we made up!! lol

Oh LeAnn, seeing your face when you walked in was SO worth all of it!!! Main Event was so much fun!! We did everything, from laser tag(and we got spanked)LOL to bowling!!! Enough's a Saturday Re-Cap for ya!!

Let's start with her arrival video...shall we!

Let's SING!! After Crystal put cake on your face! LOL

We had the BEST time!! Thanks to ALL the ladies that made LeAnn's night so special!! Thanks Jen for doing so much, you are truly the BEST person ever! I can not tell each of you how blessed I am to have y'all in my life!! I wouldn't change it for the world!! Let's do this again..SOON!!