Thursday, June 06, 2013

How Do You Like The New Blog!!!!!

OMG!!! Can you believe the changes on my BLOG!!!!!!!

And no one will ever believe when I say....But I sat up till after midnight last night and I did EVERY single part myself(with some help from spencer)lol!! He was my co-pilot on this!!! I was going to get someone to do, it but said, you know what? I want to look at this Blogger and see what all it has to offer...And I took off from there!!!!! I'm soooooooo HAPPY!

Doing this New Blog on my own really showed me that once I put my mind to something and really take pride in what I'm doing, I can achieve great things!! Heck, once I was done and looked at my blog, I was pretty DAMN proud!!!!

Just like losing weight, once you start and you see all you can accomplish and where you've come from...there's no way you will go back to that...because you are able to be a better you!!! I feel like this time last year I would have never had the courage to do anything, because I always feel like I had some self-esteem issues that I was battling inside, so if someone would tell me I couldn't do something, I would secretly believe them. But, today I have learned that I'm more then all that, and if I want something or want to learn how to do something on my own, well I'm going to do just that!!

A NEW you starts inside, not outside, because anyone can cover themselves in makeup and cute expensive clothing and call themselves happy!!! But that's just what that is " A cover up"!! But a true, genuine person, has a strong, loving heart, and they realize all that other stuff means nothing!!! This past year I have been able to do great things, and as long as I'm here I will continue to do them!! Everyday I'm learning, and taking it all in, and when I don't know something I ask!! I don't know how to blog, all that well yet, but it's another thing that I'm going to learn and I'm going to perfect, but not for fame or people to LOOK at me, or for me to take 5000 selfies, or people to say "oh you're so beautiful, you're so strong, your body looks soooo good" no not doing this for MONEY!! All that stuff is for the wrong reasons...I'm doing this because I want to be an inspiration to someone, be a positive roll model in my son's life, someone else's that I don't even some blogs that I read are for me!

I will get BETTER over time!!! So for now I'm just writing and going along....But every time I look at this page and someone else looks at it...I'll be proud that my non-computer-literate self made it!!!! I know jack shit about computers....BUT I MADDDDDEEEE THIS BLOG MYSELF!!!!!!! #fistpumping, #duckface!!!!!!!!

So that's your RANDOM THURSDAY THOUGHT class 101!!!!!!!

#TBT pick of me 2007!! Had lost 45 lbs doing Billy Blank's Taebo , then a year later gained it all back!! (not this time)!