Monday, May 27, 2013

WEEKEND!!!!! ~Snapshots~

Friday~ was GREAT!!! WORK and Wedding with the girls!!! It was a beautiful wedding and lots of dancing and FUN!!! (Kyle and Shelly)

                                            LeAnn.....Let the POOR Cupcake Live, Don't KILL it!!!!!

                                                  Me and the DIVAS had to stop at Chick fil a before because I was starving!!!!
                                             Yes, that was my meal and I don't care, I WAS HUNGRY!!!!

Then Saturday!!!  Gym and family time!!!!
                                             2 hours at LOA!!!!! I kicked my own BUTT!!!
Before Asylum!!! ~ Wasn't Cute After~ LOL
                                           I needed to use our foot rubber, because my ole DOGS was barking from hitting the dance floor the night before at the Wedding, n Baby Brandon said he needed to use it too, cause his "DOGGYs were arking" AKA..Barking!!! hahaha
Sunday was a quiet family day...Brandon helped me with some blog ideas for the month of June!! LOL He's such a good mommy helper!!! I wouldn't know what to do without him!!!

Happy Memorial Day!!!!!