Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend {SNAP SHOTS}

Heeeey!!!! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Hope all the Moms and Moms to be had a great Mother's Day..

Friday at LOA with my girls. But it was a bitter sweet Friday considering it was my last "Mommy Friday" till June ):   Bye Bye to Good ole cycle Class!!!! <TEAR>

After to the Doctor....UGH I hate going to the doctor....I had to have blood work....ugh

Then off to target for a little shopping for my trip next month to my moms house.....Few dress shots for ya!!

                                                  This one was my favvvvvv!!!!!
I picked my sweet baby up from school and he was sooooooo proud to give me my Mother's Day card that he made for me in of course PINK!!!!! My baby knows meeeeeee well!! lol  And he just had to have McDonalds Fries...... He said his stomach hurt and he just needed it!!! Kids say the funniest things sometimes and you can't help but laugh!!!!

Hey JUDGE me on the next one I DON'T CARE lol!!!!! I had to have some gooooood ole WINGSTOP!!!!! We had dinner out and I got to pick!!!!!

Saturday was SUPER fun LeAnn had us do a contest for who could do the longest Air Jacks and Kayla and I got a trophy.....yaaaaaaaaay! I went for 2 WHOLE Minutes..!!! OMG!!! I couldn't believe it....this time last year I would have never been ever to do that in my life!!!!!!! But I did and I'm darn proud!!!!

Jen was in the pic to add a little beauty!!! Who looks that cute after working out!!!! UGH!! lol Me and Kay with our Air Jack Trophies!!! LOL

Just a pic of me looking crazy after Insanity Saturday!!! OMG that's when the pain from those Air Jacks kicked in full GEAR!!!!   So really this is the look of PAIN!!!!! HAHA

So....To make up for my HORRIBLE eating Friday night I made myself a healthy chicken salad for dinner!!!

With a little Mrs. Dash/and salad Spritzers <Balsamic Breeze> Yummy!!!

Sunday........Mother's Day!!

Started with a fun workout!!! The start of week 4 and Saturday will be it!!

Then OMG we cleaned and re-organized Bran Bran room...Lord knows it was a mess!! I'm so glad it's over and clean!!! and of course Spencer had to be silly for Brandon!!!

                                                       SEE??? Cra Cra!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!