Monday, May 20, 2013

~~Very Relaxing Weekend~~

Heeeeey, I had a calm weekend!! It's been like this for 2 weekends in a row!! I've been enjoying this, it gives me a chance to clean (ugh), and have fun with my boys!!

Friday night Spencer got all creative on me and made us what I like to call "A living room pinic" it was nice and romantic, and it's been a while that we've done something like this!! We had some fruit and watched movies!!

                                                     (Don't mind my hair)
Saturday had a great morning workout with my girls!!! It was such a nice morning, I couldn't help but take a pic of the sky!!

Then came home and finished my final day of INSANITY with a little help from Brandon!! He was supposed to be doing jumping jacks, but instead he looks more like he was "dropping it low"

                                                Yes, I'm super happy to say bye bye to it!!

Then me and the boys just sat and relaxed while I looked up some reviews on my new program "Asylum" By: Shaun T. For some reason I love seeing people's opinion of stuff before I try it, even if they hate stuff, I just like to see people's thoughts. Oh and I found this other website this weekend too (it's where people talk about bloggers) and y'all I swear I never want people to get mad at me and put me in there, so please let me know how I'm doing, even if I suck, I'm open to all comments!! It's life, DEAL!!

Then Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG y'all we did Asylum for the first time, let's just say I thought I was going to die and THROW UP, and so did Spencer!!!!!!!!!! It is soooooo much harder then Insanity, and I didn't think that was possible!!!!!!!! But we made it through, and I did it 2 times yesterday and ChaLean Extreme (just to compare and see which one I wanted to do and as cra cra as I am I picked Asylum!!! Lord help us get thru these 60 days!!!! And I started the 30 day AB challenge too!!! Day 1 complete!!! 

So I'm going to be brave and post a few pics of me now (not ready to show my gut yet)lol!!

Enough about me...I hope everyone had a great weekend too!!!!!!!!!!!!!