Monday, May 06, 2013

The Weekend with the girlsssss!!


I had to work Friday.....let's just say uggggghhhh!! Because I didn't get my famous MOMMY DAY off!!! Sucks..but hey I made money!

Don't I look happy to be there?? yaaay

Me n the fam didn't do much at all that night!!!

But Saturday as you know I was at my fav place....the GYM, getting a great workout with my gals....!! While Shelly kicked our butt in Turbo/Step....Well it's Amber's fault because they decided to jump 1000 times...!!! HAHA love you girls.!

So after Me n Jen went and had lunch at Cheddars...Lets just say hell yea oh and yummmmmmy!!!!

Don't we look full and happy?? HAHA...And of course we look around at stores but we were very good girls and didn't buy this time..can you FREAKIN believe it??? WOW look at us...But we did have to pay a quick run in visit to our friends at Party City....Come on you know we live there...they almost know us by name!

Then off to our Princess Diva Crystal's house for a fun evening at her jewelry party with some good ole food that would make ya slap yo was sooooo good!!!

This is Mandy with Lia Sophia!! She had some awesome/cute stuff...I really wanted everything on the table...But I did win some cool bathroom gifts!! Thanks Mandy n Crystal!!!

Sunday Me n Jen got to together for a nice run in Rowlett, between her errands and me cleaning my dirty ass house....ugh!!! Oh and Brandon potty training!!

Isn't he so stinkin cute???? HAHAHAHA!! He's to only person I would say is that HOT while using the toilet!!!!! LOL!!!!

What a nice way to end a weekend!! Great friends and family!!!