Friday, May 10, 2013

Me in a Nut shell!!

This is very random.....But I was bored and it popped in my head! LOL

This is kind of a SELF post if you will.....I was sitting around thinking about these things.

What's fun for me besides working out......???  I love hanging with my son, he brings light to my days! Love weekends with the girls. Me and the hubby have been doing more things these days.  Shopping,  researching things online, writing, reading. EATING EATING AND EATING!! LOL

What is my favorite color(s).....Well, I love pink and purple

What's something that gets under my skin......RUDE ASS ppl, when my son whines for nothing, snobs, hypocrites, (oh this list can go on and on) I better stop there! LOL

Why do I blog.......It's fun to have something to share with people, especially those that can relate to you and your life.

What workouts I don't like doing.....I hate YOGA, it's boring, I love crazy loud workouts, where you can scream and dance and shout out loud.

Do I have a routine with posting.....Nope I do it when I feel like it! Posting everyday is ridiculous, besides I run out of crap to talk about. I'm still learning, ok.....?

Do I ever wonder if I'll be that old "fat" Cynthia again......You know I think about that, because this is life and there is always a chance that I could fall off, and crawl right back into that old body. But I've surrounded myself with some of the most positive women in my life, that I know has my back. So no I'll not let myself be that girl.

How did I really feel about myself then......I come to realize that later on, I had really low self esteem, I was hard on myself and I was my own biggest enemy. Once I saw that I was my own self "prison" I looked at me and did something about it.

Do I fall off with eating at times.....Well, duh I'm human, there are those times I want a big JUICY, dripping cheeseburger, Hey look I have it!!! LOL. But tomorrow I make better choices.!!!!

In what areas have I changed....... besides body, I've changed in my mind. I'm more honest with myself... I give myself frequent reality checks. I love me more, and in tell I can give more of me to my loved ones. I'm not ashamed of who I am, but I never forget where I've come from either. Why would I? it's because of my past I am where I am now..!! Talking to you guys.

Where do I get my "push" from to workout? you know since I do have a Life and all and ........having a baby, a house to keep, a husband to spend time with, a FULL time JOB......First, I pray and ask God to give me strength to get thru whatever workout that day. Then Shaun T's voice rings in my head.. "Dig Deeper". And I think about the awesome example I'm setting for my son, as he watches me workout.  When I'm at LOA, I look around at Jen, Crystal and Leann, and Kayla, and I know we are all doing this together, and we feed off one another's energy in the room and they keep me going everyday. They're my DIVAS!!!

Life is funny, this time last year, I never would have imagined being where I am today. Sometimes I laugh at myself when I think about sitting in bed looking at the infomercials of Insanity, Thinking "there's no way in hell I'm doing that" but look at me and my girls/and husband/friends that don't go to the gym, but doing it at home...we've all done it and doing it and some of us have done it multiple times now!!!!!!

This is RANDOM I know, but I told you I blog when I have things to say!!

I thank each one of you for pushing me, and being there for me every step of the way!!!


My husband

Goodnight All!!!!