Tuesday, May 14, 2013

{ Just a lil Inspiration for ya}

Happy Tuesday,

For those of you that are on my Facebook you may have already seen this posted today..but for those that are not I wanted to give you a lil inspiration today!! (: and hope this touches someones life!!

Last night Spencer and I found an old pic of me at my very first Mavs game and also my LARGEST weight!!  OMG I was huge, and the funny thing is I walked around like that and thought that I was ok, I never saw myself this big, then I started thinking that this pic was taken 3 years ago right before I got preggo with Bran Bran... OMG I was right at 250lbs( I gained an additional 40 while pregnant with him) (YES, that's right I was a whopping 290 pounds)!!!!!!!!!!!! SHOCKED and in disbelief that I had allowed myself to eat my way to this person. ):

Me and Spencer just looked at one another last night, I had to keep asking him. "Is that really me"? "Is that someone else's body"? LOL He looked like HUH?? LOL I don't think he knew how to answer me!

But..yes it was true, that pic was all me and no one else. I did some damage to myself and boy did it show! ): Food wasn't the enemy tho, it was me! I could probably eat about 2 McDoubles and then there was times where my fav meal was a QUARTER POUNDER/with CHEESE and LARGE fries, heck I even knew the number on the board without looking!!! oh and not to mention a LARGE sweet tea too. Then, I would skip morning breakfast, (because hey that's not important, right? WRONG!!!) Then for dinner, we would most likely have something FRIED and something loaded with starch on the side. So roughly I was taking in about 3000 cals per day and the sad thing is I wasn't burning nearly that much, because I wasn't moving my BIG rear, so in other words I was just packing on the good OLE LBS!!! Sad, isn't it, how in those times, we think things like this sound normal to us, and then you look around and your clothes are too small and you blame the dryer for shrinking them. LOL!! When in reality it was just me growing OUT of them.

This pic is an overall wake up for me to realize that I never want to go back here again. EVERRRRR!! I've worked too hard to get to this weight and I be damned if I let all the hardcore Insanity go to waste!! Working out has become apart of ME and I look for it everyday, it's like getting up every morning and brushing your hair and putting your clothes and getting the kids ready and going on to start the day! It's something in other words that is just apart of me and my overall being and I seek it out, the burning and sweat!!! Hey it's a HIGH!! and I don't ever want to come down from it!!!

I post to help people and show them that I'm a real person, that decided I was tired of being down on myself, I dared myself to change and see what my body was made of...and to set a good example for my sweet baby and I think I accomplished just what I wanted to do, I'm so happy to be here and to see me every morning, and to get messages from people asking about working out and people noticing my hard work and them saying that I inspire them!! I never thought that someone would say that about ME! Wow, life is good, in spite of whatever, and you're probably going yea yea, whatever, this story sound so cliché, but hey it might, and that's ok, but everyday we are above ground is another day you have the chance to make a change!!! We are all soooooo blessed in more ways then one!!

Here's my pic that I was talking about!!

Make it a great day!!!