Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hump Day!! Half thru the week!!! Random thought day!!

Hey guys,

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. It's been a long week....OMG I started off Monday with a stomach bug and LORD knows that kicked in the royal pants!!! It's just something about having a stomach bug, it just takes a lot out of ya! Well any who I'M BACK and happy and feeling almost back to myself!!

                                                  I felt like utter CRAP O all day!!! (Me on Monday)

I'm just happy that I can eat and not feel like crap! Or crap on myself!! LOL I'm just kidding!!! But trust me what I went through Monday wasn't a thing and I could have it a HUNDRED times over compared to the HEART breaking news that swept the state of Oklahoma!! So excuse my complaining!!! Please go to and see how you can help these families in need!! Me and my family have began cleaning out our closets to send things off!! ( I knew there was a reason I didn't throw out old clothes, God had a plan for them)! And every little bit helps so don't think something small won't be enough, there are people that would appreciate it more then you know!!

Random Info:::

So I wanted to update y'all on my new workout is DAY 3 and I have "Back to Core" , I already know it's going to be hard, so I'm getting myself mentally prepared for the PAIN! On Monday (My sick day) I had "Strength" and I called myself trying to do it modified..Ha yea, there is no such thing as that, by the way, not when it comes to Shaun T anyhow! So needless to say I was really drenched after that!! Yes, I'm one of those cra cra people that still workout while they are dang near vomiting everywhere, but as strange and cra as that sounds , working out makes me feel better, sitting around makes me hurt more. It's what I call "takes my mind off of myself"!

So you will find that I do that when I probably should be sitting down somewhere!

While I'm sitting here talking to you I'm having my 3:30 pm snack, like everyday about this time.... My pop secret 100 calorie popcorn!! Weird, again I know but I have a snack about the same time everyday!! And everyday it's something different. For me it keeps things exciting and my gut from craving McDonalds on my way home!!

                                                             Good Stuff!!

So snack, snack, snake!! Keeps you full and happy!!!

Random Thought:

Today I woke up thinking about wanting to start teaching some sort of workout class ( even if I sub some classes)!! HAHA right? But I don't really know where this thought came from...but it's weighing heavy on me. I've learned over the years that when things press on me like this, it's God trying to tell me something and I may need to listen. (Same thing that happened to me about starting to post thoughts here) and I've been able to inspire people when I thought I never could, and that makes me humble and happy!! So I'm going to find out about what I need to do to start teaching a class and maybe soon I'll get to tell ya all about it!!!

So that's all my thoughts that I had today,, Sorry I was just gabbing, I just had some things to share with you all!!

So have a blessed Wednesday~~~