Thursday, May 30, 2013

Confession Session~Thursday! My Random thoughts for the day!!

Hey Guys,

I WELCOME you to what I now call "CONFESSION SESSION" whooooo....this is where I tell y'all everything, whether it's bothering me or whatever, and I would looooove your feed back too!!!

So today I was going to talk to you and have a heart to heart.....

 I confess the following......

1. Trying to learn to blog and be able to write about things is so HARD, but everything I've been reading is saying that I need to blog often so that I can build my audience (remember when I said I blog when I want to?, well I have to do better because I want people to read my stuff) and to be honest with you, I simply suck at it right now, but who didn't suck at doing this, till they got the hang of it, right?? So, I came up with a way that I can try and keep myself on a straight and narrow...(yea I'm one of those weirdo people that, have to have structure so that I'll know what I'm doing....or I'll be all over the place! I would be talking about Hummingbirds, grass, Big MOMMA drawers!!  LOL I'm kidding, but I think you get my point, I need to try and stay on subject or things that relate to why I'm blogging in the first place!!!

2.  Sometimes....I think I suck at being a mom...I say that because sometimes with my workouts I feel like I'm taking time away from my son....but I found a way to be with him more, and that's why I do a lot more @ home workouts. So in that case I have the best of both worlds!!! ~ just MOMMY guilt talking~ He's my world and I just want every moment with I'm finding mores ways to time manage better!!! I don't want to miss out on anything with him! He's only this small once!!

3.  You've heard me mention this before, but I so need to drink more H2O y'all I'm not kidding, I do, I don't drink NEARLY the recommended dose....So that is a work in progress. I promise to get better!!! HELP me people!!!

4.  Sometimes I feel when it comes to logging my food everyday...I've done it for so long that it starts to feel tedious. But I know I need to do it because it's good for me!!! So keep logging!!! By the way I use either or!!

5.  I'm starting to embrace new things into my closet like the "high low dresses" I'm still trying to see how I feel about them...but hey you have to try before you knock it!!! I looooove, not just for jewelry but they have super cute outfits too!

6. I used to be the world's biggest chicken when it came to bad weather, hey I live in Texas so I always think of tornados...!!! 
7. I have loose skin on my stomach that bugs the crap out of me, that makes me feel fat again every time I see it....but it's a work in progress.
8. Sometimes I'd rather sit on the couch and have a big bowl of ice cream and watch Lifetime instead of working out....Haha!!
9. I still have an issue with self-image and realizing that I'm not that same Big girl anymore...I struggle with this daily...but thank God for best friends and great family that remind me of where I've come from and my hard work!!
10. I can be a better wife at times, because not everything is Spencer's fault. "It takes two to fight". And I can be an ass myself. ( Spencer if you're reading can STOP shaking your head...I have eyes everywhere and I can see you Amening really hard) Haha!!
11. I hate that I can read people sometimes....somethings about people I wish I didn't notice! My mom says that's a feels more like a curse to me. LOL
12. I wear the same thing more then ONCE, hey as long as it's clean and my body is clean, I'll wear it till it falls apart, I hate shopping (for clothes), because I start to get annoyed in the store.
13. I can't stand clutter, makes me feel boxed in, in junk!
14. I make friends easy, and if you don't like me I don't care, mom always say "Not everyone is going to be your friend and there's no point in stressing yourself to figure out why, life keeps going and you'll miss out on the good people and the one's that love you in it, why you are worried about the one's that mean you no good".

So I guess I can end my complaining...LOL!! I hope Confession Thursday doesn't drive yall crazy!!! Thought it would be fun to talk about stuff that goes on in our heads...maybe we can share things together and help one another....You never know who's thinking the same things out there!!

........................................What are some of y'alls thoughts or what's on your mind, this blog isn't just about me, I want to hear from you.......?????

Have a great Thursday!!
 To Be Cont.....