Sunday, April 21, 2013

What's important {What's not}

Today I thought about life {my life}...there's so much going on in the world today and here in the last month that it made my think about life, and the important and non-important things.

The tragedy in Boston and West Texas made me think (The Important things to me are):

1. MY FAMILY:  After thinking about how people lost loves ones made me grateful and blessed to know that my family was safe and sound.
2. MY FRIENDS: How blessed each of them were ok, I even had a couple of them running in the Marathon that day but they are all good and home safe with their loved ones.
3. EVEN PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW: These people that were in these areas and are ok and still here today to talk to us about these horrible events.

The things that NEVER crossed my mind:

1.  I must be honest this BLOG never crossed my mind, because it's something that I can live without, I'm blessed to be able to log on and tell people about me or what's going on today...but honestly this is not as important as people out here suffering each and everyday. This all goes to show just how blessed we are and how we should never take anything for granted, NEVER take people for granted...they can be gone in a blink of an eye.

So love each other and be grateful!!!

Make it a great one! Love Cynthia