Wednesday, April 03, 2013

My Weekend-a-thon

We had a great weekend, but for me it was slightly different...How you might ask?
Well I don't have NOT one pic of me at the gym(( I know You gasped on that part)) and no it's not because I slacked either! I had my sweet angel boy Friday because he was out of school, so I had way too much fun with him and also Bran hates the gym!!!

Isn't that a face you would just love to kiss?!! I do all the time!!

SO me and brandon got our exercise on at McDonalds right after our chicken nugget happy meals!! Yes I had one too!!! But I did my Insanity, no gym doesn't = no workout, you have time trust me!!

Then we ran some errands and laid down for our Friday nap((boy, I never get to nap on Fridays)), becasue while the boys are at work and school, mama has to get all the work done before they are home.

So we ended our friday with some nice healthy turkey tacos....!! yummy( Don't we look full?) lol Full and Happy!

Saturday was great I got up did ANOTHER day of insanity Pure Cardio and Cardio killer Abs!
Then called Jen-Jen and headed out to the store to start making our t-shirts for the Shrinking Mommas!

                                                Sitting at Gloria's waiting on our table.

We had soooooo much fun!! It wasn't a super pretty day but BOY it was warm, we even got to break out our flip flops!!!!!

Yes that is a chip!! I know I know, but it's Gloria's and I couldn't pass it up!

After that we headed over to Cinemark!! To watch the AMAZING TEMPTATION movie by Tyler Perry!!! And GUESS WHO???? Yes Crystal AKA Princess came too and looking all dang cute in her pink pants, that I am so going to steal soon!!!! Oh and Jen's tights too!! LOL

I love these women!!!!!!!!

Easter was great we had a wonderful relaxing family day together!!!!!

See Brandon loved it!!!!!

I even got to make Jen's shirt!!!

Love it!!!!!!!!!

AWWWW another great weekend gone! But keep reading you never know what's in store for the next one!!!!!!

Make it a Great one!!!

Leave y'all with that thought!!!!!!!!!!