Wednesday, April 24, 2013

~Insanity vs. Other Workouts~

Good Morning all::::

I wanted to talk about The Insanity program today, because I have been asked a lot about it and why I've picked to do it sooooo much and for the length of time I've done it.

Yes, I found good results with other at "home" programs in the past. Like Taebo, I lost 45 lbs with it, accompanied with good eating.

PROs about TAEBO:

1. Great weight loss results -45lbs
2. Super fun and highly motivating, because Shelly and Billy Blanks are so much fun, and he loves to dance!!
3. Taught me how to over come my fear of pushing my body beyond what I thought I could do.
4. After doing it for a while it got EASY! Not as challenging.

CONs about TAEBO:

1. I didn't like how it got EASY. I love a challenge, because I would start to get bored with the program.
2. The Weight stopped, because I was so bored that I stopped trying.
3. Too long of a program.

But with all that being said....Taebo taught me that if I try I can acheive anything! For that I love to every now and again pop in one of the tapes and JAM out to him, because it was my original start and it's fun to remember how at first I could barely get through 10 mins without being tired as hell! LOL

In 2012 I discovered Shaun T I mean Insanity!! lol

And the only words I have to describe this program is.....IT WORKS, only if you stick to it!!!!! POINT BLANK!

I'm in love with Shaun T  Insanity for the simple fact that it kicks my BOOTY everytime I push play. Insanity does not allow you to hold back a dang thing, you have to use all every bit of yourself and more!! Just when you think it's over Shaun T pumps more!!!

Boy, doing it I never realized how damn short a 30 second rest was!!! but you look for that 30 seconds!

I've lost -30 or so pounds with Insanity after doing 3 rounds...yes 3!!! I said I love it!!! HAHA!

I knew I was a BIG MOMMA when I started Insanity but man!!! using only your own body really made me recognize!!!

I picked it because I read soooo many blogs and forums about it, and how hard it was and seeing how fine the person who made it was! DID I JUST PUT THAT!! JUST SAYIN!!

I liked how Shaun T said "If you want to change your body and mind" I challenge you with Insanity, that statement right there was enough for me!!! You challenge me Shaun T? Well, bring it baby!!

I love someone telling me I can't!! Those are the most ENCOURAGING words to me!!!!

Before and after!!!

If you have not tried Insanity and don't believe the infomericals that it works, let me be proof. It gave me my life back (I know that sounds so cliche but it's true) I discovered this whole new person, I'm more outgoing, I'm stronger physically and mentally.

I love waking up to this new me everyday!!!! I'm truly blessed to have found something that finally worked for me~~  So Thank you Shaun T!! and the Insanity Team and Beach body for putting out such an amazing, yet complicated program ever put on DVD!!!

You challenged me Shaun T, but I think I passed!!!

So, I dreaded to tell you all that after these last 3 weeks of Insanity and 3rd round I will be hanging up the gloves for a while and moving on to something new workout programs will go as follows and I hope some of you will follow along!!


1. Chalene Extreme for 90 days!! I hear its a wonderful program. If you get a chance look up the reviews, they are GREAT!!
2. ASYLUM VOL 1 and 2, 60 day program~~~ yaaay get to see Shaun T workout again!!
3. Hip Hop Abs~~ yet again...Shaun T! 30 day program

THEN....I'll see after all this what new things are out!!

I'm still waiting on the release of T25---ok ok I know you're sick of my Shaun T obsession, but I know this one will be good too!! I have to try it!!!

Make it a great one!!!

Leave ya with another photo!! From Amber Jane images!! Be sure to check out Amber's Facebook fan page!!!!! She's amazing!!