Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Weekend-athon!!!

Hey it's Monday!!!

I had a great fun filled, yet busy weekend....

Friday morning I got it in with a little spin class with some of my fav peeps;;
and then me and LeAnn and Crystal went and to Country Burger and had a wonderful lunch!

Then I got home and did a little online old navy shopping! LOVE LOVE OLD NAVY!!

After a while my boys came home and "Mommy day" as I like to call it was over and it was fam time so we loaded up and headed to Best Buy for some Electric shopping! More like "Electric Looking" because we don't need to buy another thing right now. But try telling my husband that! 
Him and Bran found some headphones and that was a task trying to get them away from the music! And then Bran found some colors and paper and it was all over from there, we darn near had to drag him out the store, kicking and screaming! 
We worked up an appetite and headed home for some Pizza, I think I was more excited then them and I don't even care for Pizza. Is that not weird? I must have been hungry. So we had Pizza and Spencer kicked my ass in Words With Friends. That's ok I'm not a sore loser, I usually take a butt kicking. He's pretty good, and he's not the speller in the fam that's me. <at least it was> 
He's pretending to be so focused!! 

So Saturday as you already know I started it off at my fav place LOA!!!! With my Divas! 
Then headed home to do some much needed house work! Lord I'm embarrassed to say, but my house was soooooo dirty! And for some reason lately I hate cleaning! 
My hate cleaning face!
Bran called himself helping but he decided to stop before he started! He said his knee and leg was hurting!!! lol
So he stopped and said if he eat he'll feel better!!!
And of course while I'm cleaning Brandon had to show me that he hurt himself from sitting !! LOL 
So Mama had to stop and nurse her baby's booboo!
So after all my cleaning we did a little Insanity and spent time as a fam!
So I need to tell you my dress story.......this is the most cra cra thing I got a new dress Saturday night and I went to iron it Sunday and it was RUINED with some type of oil on it!!!! I was soooooooooooooooo pissed I screamed. My husband was like OMG!! here let's go get a new one!!!! I quickly said "OK" OLD NAVY here I come!!! I found that pink one for $9.00 bucks, yea baby that's my kind of deal!! I made it to the Bridal shower for Shelly LATE of course but we had a lot of fun seeing all the ladies all dressed up! then after me and Jen went to Country Burger and ate! Yes I ate every drops of my fried pickles, THANK you very much!!!
Bran thought that was his dog!! lol My baby is a good lil Manikin, he was almost lost in this pic!! A Brandon Manikin in a story nearest you!!!! lmao
Posing my 2 beautiful ladies 
Jen as pretty as usual!! enough to make ya sick!! haha love her!
Pickles pickles!!!

Home to Insanity!!!
AWWW! such a nice way to end a fun weekend!! Just a little sweat!! YAY!!

Have a great week!!!