Monday, March 18, 2013

What a Weekend!! Sad it's over):

Well I had a really good weekend I must say, and I was sick, running fever (the whole 9) and still this was just a fun weekend...

Friday night we all met Leann at 24 hour fitness and helped her record a video for her new certificationcalled CX Works( omg, I was dying) those plank poses kick yo butt man!!!!! They should be called "Military planks"! Surprisingly I was not a sore the next day like I thought I would be!!Dammit, that meant I really had to show up to step/turbo the next morning, cause I had no excuse, HAHA!! (kidding shelly)!! So we video taped and my poor Leann was not happy with it ( which I think she did AWESOME) She didn't like it so we agreed we would come back Sunday and re-record!!!

Oh Oh Oh if y'all wanted to know what CX Works is go to!!!

Saturday was way toooooooo much fun I don't even know where to start!!! I guess me at my fav places is as good as any!! Me and the girls enjoyed our Saturday butt kicking with a little step/turbo/body pump ( I didn't stay for Body Pump, but sounds good, right?) lol..!!

                                     Me and the Girls just after our 1 hour butt kicking! Aren't we cute??
And of course I flew home to eat a good breakfast and take a much needed nap with my baby
After that wonderful refreshing nap, I got up and met my beautiful Friend Jennifer for lunch at Country Burger in Murphy!!! Yaaay another one of my Fav spots and Lord knows I'm there way to often!!  There's one in Plano, Texas too and too close to my job! Ugh!! So we had a great lunch and nice conversations too!
After our nice lunch Jen and I head to several stores to start shopping for our run ! If anyone hasn't heard me mention like 5 million times!!!!!! WE ARE RUNNING THE FIREFLY 5K RUN THIS SATURDAY 3/23/13 @ 8:30 pm yesss a night run! We are too excited about this because this is our first run at night!!! This year they have a lot of new things.

Needless to say this run gave me and Jen the excuse to shop and go crazy! And boy did we shop till we dropped!! We shopped for 6 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! Yessssss it's true we did! OMG we went everywhere! DICK'S SPORTING GOODS, HOBBY LOBBY, WALMART, TARGET, ROSS, and MICHAEL'S...just to give you a few OH forgot about PARTYCITY!!!

 We had way too much fun y'all!!

                              After 30 stores we finally found the matching socks at Dick's Sporting Goods!! yaay!!!!

Oh and me and Jen just couldn't pass up the opportunity to stop by and say hello to our beautiful chevron fitness clothes they had displaying(we really don't like chevron) hahahahaha lol!!!

                                                  Isn't that cute?!!!! LOL!!

After stopping at Dick's Sporting good we got thristy and stopped in a McDonalds for a few drinks, just to keep our energy up cause hey.....we still had a little shopping to do! lol


Lord after that when we got to PARTY CITY it was all over and we went bonkers and had tooooo much fun that we didn't think we would ever come out of there.

See you can't send us shopping alone!!! never never never!!  I loved that darn TUTU I didn't want to take it off!! I think for a second I fulfilled my dreams of being a ballerina! lol!! Kidding!! But I did draw a small crowd of little girls who thought it was cute too! LOL

                                       They even had a Nikki Minaj wig!! Loved it? Me as a blonde is a NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, after being in party city going from aisle to aisle we found everything we needed, plus more! Party City is the best place to shop for out of everywhere to me and so much cool stuff to play with too! As you could tell!!! babaahhaaaah! Just seeing if you noticed!!! I really think I tried on every wig they had in pink!!

Next, Time I'm going to tell them they need to get a Mohawk in pink too! I was upset that they had it in every color except pink! Darn, them!

Well, we headed home and I got the urge to start working on Jen's shirt for the run!!! What do y'all think?!

 I love it!!!! Hell I did surprisingly well!! So Sunday I headed to 24 hour fitness (running late and in flip flops) lol I had my shoes in my hand!! LOL!! YYYAAAAAYY LEANN did amazing SUNDAY with her tape!! SHE is so going to pass!! But boy for some reason that workout was harder then FRIDAY's workout, Remember I said I wasn't sore Saturday morning? UUMMMM I'm sore today!

SOOOOOOO after 2 insanity workouts, CXworks, I got DETERMINED to take my butt outside and run, and once I got there I just kept running(in my FORREST GUMP voice)!! I ended up running 5 miles!!! I know not much!! (Being funny) hell I almost died!!! I was so tired!  Y'all I couldn't take a lap without this cute little lady who is always out there with me cheering me on, every lap I would take she would give me a thumbs up!!!

Well, I was done and headed home pretty darn proud that I could rest and get my butt up for Monday morning and get my week going!!!

I had a good weekend!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!!
Thank you Jennifer for hanging with me all day!! We missed all our Divas!! Can't wait for Saturday!!