Thursday, March 28, 2013

Trainer Momma

Hey I wanted you guys to look at a new website that I just discovered at work literally right now, because I was wanting to compare my phone and something else to give me a rough estimate about my calories and make sure I'm staying within my range or if I'm "way" off.....

You might know about It's really neat just do the math and you're done also I religiously follow and ( yes I use both because if I'm out I one of the apps may have the food that I'm looking for and the other doesn't so I "compare" the two. 

But My results on is:


Little or no exercise
Lightly Active
Light exercise
(1 to 3 days/wk)
Moderate exercise
(3 to 5 days/wk)
Very Active
Hard exercise
(6 to 7 days/wk)
Hard daily exercise and/or a physical job

Step 1:


Step 2:

3074.2 Yaaaay McDonalds lol joking

Step 3:

2574.0  HHHEEEYY!!! I'm going eat!!

** I used the line for "weight loss" not any other and DANG sure not " weight gain".

According to myfitness pal I can only have 1890 a day and option to eat what I burned back and I don't but some may and it's what works for you. If you aren't sure I would try it and if you don't see a difference or like it then try it w/o eating your cals back.

"will never know till you test it out" everyone is not built the same! (That sucks, I could have sworn I requested Kim K's ass on my body...LORD didn't you hear my prayer request last night?!!!) oh well, such is life!! HAHA!! (don't judge me cause I used ASS and LORD in the same sentence, ASS is a DONKEY.. didn't you know that..,DUH lol)

Make it a great one!!