Sunday, March 03, 2013

Strawberry Mania Breakfast Drink

Total time: 5 minutes <seriously super short and easy>

All the things you'll need are:

1/4  cup of cranberry juice cocktail, chilled
1    Container <8 ounces> low fat strawberry yogurt
1     Cup of frozen strawberries

In a blender, combine cranberry juice, yogurt and strawberries and blend until mixture is smooth and frosty. Pour into 1 tall cup/glass

Each serving is about 326 calories, 10 g of protein 141 mg of sodium and 3 g of fiber!!!!!

It's delicious even my son drank it with me and he's 2!! And it's a perfect amount of calories and it gives you a little of everything!!


I got this from my amazing book that I've been following and cooking from for months now! Called: drop 5 lbs by Heather K. Jones,RD From Kohls for only $5!!!! Hey savings!!