Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sometimes you don't get to workout like you want...but hey you did it

Today I ran again, as y'all know Sundays are my run day. Today wasn't as successful as last week because I have to be somewhere in an hour, but hey even though I didn't get to run 7 miles I at least ran 4.15. And I feel just as good as I would have running 6 or 7!!!

So get it in even if you can't get every mile you want! Just do it already and I'm sure when it's over you'll feel so accomplished, because it could have been super easy to just say "oh I have somewhere to go I can't workout today" but no you did it and its over!!

Oh I have to get dressed bye!!!

Make it a great one!!! This app is for iPhone and android it's called "map my run" and it's amazing!! Not only maps your run but your calories burned too!!