Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oh what a weekend!!!!

Hey guys,

I had so much fun this weekend with my wonderful friends and family. Yes, we did our FireFly Run so I can finally shut up about it. LOL!! We had such a great time (like we knew we would)

                                           Friday I got some much needed nails done!!  

                                                             Whatcha think???

                                                        Saturday.....At our spot!!!

                                      I'm sorry but after 3 hours of being there I had to hit Taco Bell up....I know I know........But it was worth all the calories( I won't surprise you....I ate like crap all day) just saying!

                                            Heeeeeeeeeeeey TACO BELL.... IT'S BEEN A WHILE!!!! YUMMY


                                            Then went home annnnd slept from 12:00p til 4:30p( slept with my bran)

  I couldn't wait to get up and get my gear on and run with my DIVAS!!! (I know the anticipation of  how these outfits turned out is just killing ya!)  theeeeeeee reveal!!!!!!!!!!

                  YAAAAAYY!!!! We loved it! and OMG it was so packed at The Shops of Legacy it was crazy, stupid fun!!! We are already planning on it next year.

We finished it in 35 mins.... hey that's awesome to us. Even tho I got a little sick feeling towards the end... I'm telling you at that moment I knew I for sure had (not like I didn't know) the BEST friends in the WHOLE WORLD!!! They grabbed my hand and ran with me all the way till the finish line!!!! Even, when I thought I was going to vomit everywhere!!! They encouraged me thru it!! I love them soooooo much!!!!

So, after 3 hours of workouts that morning and 1 5k and 1 taco bell trip later!!!! We decided we wanted a DANG cheeseburger!!!! See, I told you I ate like crap!!!

                                                    Boy IN N OUT is worth it too!!!

After good talks and laughs we headed home and rested our sore bodies!!! What a great weekend!!

Make it a Great one!!!!!!!!