Thursday, March 14, 2013

My own "fat girl Tuesday"!

Well my Tuesday started out like most...I ate my very healthy breakfast! Like so...... Good right?

So I'm doing good going on by my day then all of a sudden the phone rings and its the hub and he wants to go to lunch and have this:::.......Oh no I'm in trouble, popeyes is one of my favorite places!! Yummy gotta love that Louisiana flavor!! haha!!

Ohhhhh noooooooo!!! Not Popeyes. Oh lord could this day of bad eating get any worse?!??
Ok you asked soooooo your answer!!!! Hellllllll yesssssss I didn't stop at Popeyes trust me.......after I filled my fat gut with the above...I then indulged in this..........

Yes it is..... A big fatty chocolate 820 calorie milkshake. I suck I know..... And trust me I felt the pain and torture of what I ate cause by this point I felt like this....

So that made me feel like her all over again and I was feeling down on myself for mistreating my body.

Me at 226LBS!! and Leann all hot and gorgeous as usual..enough to make you sick!! lol hahaha love her!

Yup I ate my self to sickness so that's pretty much how I felt the rest of my work day.  Then yaaaaaay. The heavens opened and dropped this place in my life!!!!!

Then I said I need to work this bad day off...!!! So I headed to my favorite spot where I could do just that!!!! Heeeey loa with all my divas!!!!! Here I knew  I was gone get that butt kicking I so desperately needed and Leann made sure of that!!!!

Being at loa I was back into my element and I knew I could start all over and put this "sinful food day" behind me for good!!!!!

After my long workout I headed home, by this point I was on cloud 9 again cause I got my workout in....... and burned that day baby.......

Got home and had a wonderful dinner that the husband made( and healthy too) hell it should have been after he had me at popeyes!! lol
Yup ate every last drop!!! Don't judge me!!

Ended my "crazy fat girl day" laying next to my angel and swore to myself that if I'm blessed to see tomorrow I will treat my body better. But we are only human, right?

So enjoy yourself, I'm not saying not too, but know you worked hard to get where you are and it's ok to go off every once in a while, just jump back on tomorrow and keep going. NO need to feel guilt. Just live a little and you have to laugh at yourself sometimes!!!

Make it a great one!! (: