Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My salads and my way of eating them!

So I had a friend ask me to write a blog about salads I eat and how I eat them and don't ruin them with fatting dressings. 

So before I never really liked salads (I must be honest) they weren't my favorite, I always thought I needed something with a "little" flavor and a salad wasn't going to cut it. Or if I did eat one I had to load it up with bleu cheese and lots and lots of dressings. I never ate grilled chicken on it, I would always want fried chicken or something fried on it. 

My favorite salads were from places like Chilis, Jason's deli, or Corner bakery! (Well I thought hey I'm doing good, cause I ate a salad, I made a good choice right?!) WRONG! And boy was I wrong. 

When I discovered Myfitness Pal on my phone, I couldn't believe the salads I "loved" so much! OMG!!! Lets start with my ALL TIME FAV from Chilis.......

1. Boneless buffalo chicken
                        Calories: 1010
                        Sodium:  4330mg  

My #2 fav::::  Fried chicken salad.
                            Calories: 970
                           Sodium:   2170 mg

Jason's deli:   Chicken caesar(yes fried chicken)
                           calories:  880
                            Sodium:  2900mg

Corner bakery:   Harvest salad.
                             Calories: 860
                             Sodium:  1900 mg

Just to give you a few places and what I would order from them.


I changed all that, because when I saw all those numbers, I was like hell no wonder why I'm fat. OMG see this is all a learning process. Just cause you see it on the menu and it says SALAD does not make it "Good for you" read the fine print....

Now when I go out and eat and I want a salad at that time I ask the waiter/waitress if I can have olive oil and apple cider vinegar as my dressing. That small change will save you 100's of calories in the end, trust me. And not to mention 1000's of  MG of sodium too. Too much sodium can make you retain lots of fluid.(HELLO WEIGHT GAIN) NO THANKS!!!!! You only need about 2500 mg of sodium a day! Remember how many those salads above have in just one meal! Too darn much! And if you go out and they don't have that but you want nothing but a salad DON'T ORDER THE CREAM DRESSINGS. Get balsamic vinegarette instead. 

These pics are the kind I buy from Walmart for my salads at home and a pic of ranch dressing and the BIG difference. I hope all this helped someone.

Then there's ranch 
Make it a great one!