Monday, February 18, 2013

I'm a slacker!!(;

OMG!! I haven't blogged in days!! ( I'm such a slacker)! Well I wanted to update you all on what I've been doing lately. So me and the ladies signed up for our first 5k for this year, and it's on March 23(Saturday). I have to say....I am sooooo excited!! It's called the firefly run!! This run is awesome because (hold your breath for the best part).....IT'S A NIGHT RUNNNNN!! Yaaaay and you get to run with globe lights all over you and stuff!! Ok tell me that's not exciting and unique!!

It's 4 of us doing it so far. So yesterday we started jogging in Rowlett. Honestly I must say that, I ran all 4 miles and not one stop break or gasping for air!! (Thank you insanity. Oh and spin class)! I used to run before, but never was consistent with it, and I would always get bored, so needless to say I would quit!

Running is just one of those exercises you just have to build yourself upto and keep at it. Each week you can increase your mileage and eventually you'll be running a lot without even giving it much thought or worrying about how challenging it is. I would always find myself reading stuff about how to breathe and how to hold your posture and blah blah. But really I personally think that running/jogging is you have to find your own rhythm and go.

If you like music blasting in your ear (like me) then do that. If you like just being able to hear nature around you then, go for it. I'm not here to act like I know soooo much about running and all that, I'm just saying you have to have your way with running, and once you do it so much you'll start to adjust yourself and find what works for you. Another thing people fail to do with running is they worry soooo much about stopping and trying to go as fast as they can. I find that to be a bad thing. Never worry about stopping when you first learn, because you don't want to over train especially when you're just starting out. And hell take 700 breaks, taking breaks doesnt make you a bad runner. And never worry about how fast you're going, each AND every person has their own individual speed, not one person will be the same or feel the same, even if you and a friend were general the same pace.

I.E. I have a friend she can run 8.0 on the treadmill, but when I've cranked that sucker up to that speed I felt like a rat on a wheel and I said HELL NO, I'm not trying to die today! So see that was waaaay too fast for girlfriend over here. I couldn't breath. And I looked over at my friend, it was like she was taking a Sunday stroll in the park. EVERYONE is different. The important thing is at least you're trying. You just want to be safe and enjoy yourself while and after your run/jogs.

So yea I felt super ass accomplished yesterday, but shit I'm hurting today!! (: but I'm still happy I did it.



I love lukes Locker, RunOn and Dicks sporting goods!!! They will help you know what type of running shoe is a fit for you. If you are really serious about doing it, then go to one of these places or any place where you can ask someone to guide you in the right footwear direction. Because its not running that hurts you, it's not having to proper footwear that does the damage in the long run!

Have a good one!!