Wednesday, February 06, 2013

My Very First Blog!!

Ok everyone don't judge me just yet! Lol This is my very first blog entry.... I promise to get better as time goes on ok?! So grit and bare with me through this learning process. So I guess you're probably like shut up and get to the point.. Ok I will then. First off my name is Cynthia, I'm 26 yrs old and I live in Dallas, Texas with my husand and son.

We are a regular family that do regular family things, so please don't think I'm perfect as you read the things that I will post on this blog. Oh, I babble a lot just warning ya'll. So, more about me and why I created this blog. First off, I looooooove to workout(ok I've not always loved it) but I do now, and you will see that a lot overtime. I love reading and writing, I love to cook as well(I will be sharing that part of me too on here). I'm in love with life and all the new things I've discovered about life along my "new life style" journey. Being healthy is very important to me, that's why I was so happy to create this blog and to be able to share my life story and my journey, because like I said I'm not perfect by any means at all. I just want to be able to inspire someone and make a difference in that one person's life.

I've been very blessed that there has been so many people who've made a difference in my life, I just wanted to give back. I will answer all your questions, I welcome them, and hell comments too, bring'em on. I just want this to be a positive place and drama free. I want to help any and everyone.