Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hey we are just human!


                    If you fall off it's ok......

I was wanting to share with you guys some of the things I've encountered during my journey (and still encountering). At first I used to think it was the end of the world if I fell off from time to time, but I had to come to grips if I did that, then tomorrow is another day and I can do better, and that I'm only human ( I will screw up), we aren't perfect.

The important thing is dont make that one "splurge" meal be your everyday meal, but it is ok to treat yourself and reward yourself for all of your hard work every once in a while. You aren't going to go your whole life and not eat ice cream or a damn cookie. EAT THE COOKIE! It's ok, the important thing is stay active, keep moving. I didn't say eat a 5 cookies I said ONE COOKIE OR EVEN HALF!!! Come on, don't get carried away and say I said eat all you want now. No cause think about it, we all got unhealthy by eating the way we wanted and not caring what we would consume, but now that you are changing that, it's ok to LIVE!


Don't feel bad by eating something you enjoy every once in a while.

Don't make everyday bad or you'll end up right back to where you were.

Don't let people tell you that their diet was so perfect when they were losing, because those same people wish they would have just ate that DAMN COOKIE! And mouth probably watering for one now!!

Don't avoid things you used to eat, just be smarting about them

Don't diet your kids and family, just teach them better choices and that'll way everyone will learn together (the family that eat healthy together, will be healthy together for life)

Don't force yourself to make all these diet changes at once, incorporate them slowing( be the "turtle") it's ok!!!

Don't read everything you hear when it comes to losing weight fast and easy! Hell in that case we would all be at our perfect weight and wouldn't be here talking about it!

Don't forget to write down every single thing you eat(it'll show you info about the foods you've consumed) I LOVE MYFITNESS PAL!!!! Even write down the things that are BAD!

Lastly, don't forget to live and be a human being, life's to short to be worrying and stressing!!! Enjoy yourself learn to love you and the rest will fall into place!!

Make it a great day!! This is a "LIFE STYLE CHANGE"  not a DIET!!! Diet is a temporary thing we are doing this together for life baby!!!!