Friday, February 08, 2013

I worked with what I had.....

I worked with what I had at home then went to the gym.........

When I first started working out I did most of mine from the comforts of my own home. I mainly did this because I had a toddler here and I had mommy guilt for leaving him even to go to the gym. So I found things I could do with him and be healthy all at the same time. So, by June of 2012 I found Turbofire and things took off from there with my weight loss and motivation. I did the turbofire program for 5 months and I saw amazing results. I lost 27 pounds!!!!!!! I started it at 226lbs then finished the 20 weeks at a whopping 199 lbs!!!! Then at that point when I saw that on the scale, finally after 4 years of being in the 200's to finally be under, I couldn't have been more happy, and motivated. So after finishing Turbofire, I dared to enter the world of Shun T(creator of the Insanity program). And I'm telling you it was the most intense, psychotic workout I have ever done in my life!!!!!!!

I began day one with shaking hands and lots of prayers that I could get through this intense work out......... Lets just say...... I can proudly announce I completed all 60 days of it and not one skipped day..(now I didn't say that there wasn't days that I didn't want to throw in the towel and say the hell with this crap). I did want to do that pretty much everyday, but I'm a determined person and I don't give up that easy. I mean come on, I'm super perfect right?!? Lol not even quite.. But you get my drift, I'm human and (hell it was hard, cant deny it) I kept going and the end of it, it made me realize that I can tackle any other workout challenge that comes at me from that point on. I finished Insanity at an awesome 182 pounds. That's 17 whole BIG ONES in only 30 days. (The first 30 days I gained +1 pound of muscle, but 6 inches off and 2.5% body fat) hey I'll take that too. (Inches count)!!! So my point is insanity is AWESOME! But not just for the weight that I lost in that short period of time, but for the fact that it made me understand that I can push myself beyond my limits. <AND I CAN
REALLY DIG DEEPER> then I thought there was no way I was stopping there, I want to see what
other awesome things I could do with my body n have fun doing it. So present day, I weight 175 pounds and I'm doing a BRAND new hybrid that I made up myself (there's that perfect me again) lol!!! Kidding!!! But I did and I'll post it so if anyone wants to try it feel free. I started this 4 weeks and 4 days ago ( yea I know I'm late with this blog) and my weight was 182..... And so far -7 lbs!!!! So hey I did  pretty good combining them!!!(yes I'm patting myself)!!!! Hehehe.

Later on I'll go more into detail about rev abs ( if you want to beat me and check out what it is I put up beachbody's website. And I'll post me doing Rev abs soon as well. (It's a cardio abs program).  But this is my first time doing it so I'm still learning about it. (Geez can't be perfect all the time) (;
The first photo (in the black shirt) I was 226 <may 2012> second one is present day and <175Lbs>!

Love Cindy Slim Down!!!!