Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting ready for Chalean Extreme!

I was going to update that I'm rounding the corner of week 1 month 2 of my hybrid! OMG tonight I did max interval plyo and my goodness I must have forgotten how hard MAX month is!! When I was done I was laid out on the floor!!!

My son(he's 2) said mommy get up now!!! Lol I couldn't move I had to crawl to the couch! So I'm going to make this a short blog, I'm tired as hell still and that was 4 hours ago! Baaaaahaaaaaa! I loooove insanity because no matter how good of shape you think you are Shun T is always there to kick yo butt and remind you this workout will kick anyone's ass even if you are a top athlete! Lol

I will blog every week when I begin my new workout that I just got "Chalene Extreme"!! Yay! She has the BEST reviews on this workout!!!! And I'm super duper excited to start this 90 day journey and let everyone know how I'm doing! I will post before, during and after photos, so y'all can keep me honest!! (;

You can find chalene extreme at ( Duh!!) you knew I was going to say that!!

Every month or so I will blog about other things that I do in my life so y'all won't think I'm the most boring, workout craz person in the world!! Cause I'm not at all, I do have a life!!!

Oooooo speaking of....I gotta go to bed I have spin class in the AM! Bye lol!!! See I have a life!

Make it a great one!!