Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Pure cardio!

After Pure Cardio(exhausted)
So today I just finished pure cardio (now keep in mind I've done insanity for 2 rounds now) and it still kicks my ass!!! Lol!!! (Pardon my French) but its super true!!!!

Word about insanity is.....OMG!! It really is the hardest workout out there by far, but it's amazing and if you want to see some great fast results, I really 100% suggest it hands down! It's amazing for sculpting and changing all those problem areas we women and (men) too have that are a pain and stubborn to get rid of!!! So, enough said insanity gets you the results the fastest....BUT you must stick with it!!!!! So, what are you waiting for???!?!?? BUY IT!!!!!